Cast List for “Beauty and the Beast”

Belle: Theresa Knopf

The Beast: Chris Rusen

Lumiere: Will Macke

Cogsworth: Mark Schuliger

Mrs. Potts: Amy Debevoise

Chip: Emily Cremean

Babette: Lindsey Donelson

Madame De La Bouche: Kate Cremean

Maurice: George Matchneer

Gaston: Bart Smith

Le Fou: Sidney Edson

Monsieur D’Arque: Dayton Duvall

Silly Girls: Chelsea Donelson, Kristy Schoeck, Sara Tuohy


Thank you to everyone who came out to audition. Your time was very much appreciated. It was a joy to see so many talented people these last two nights and it was incredibly difficult to finalize the casting.


The creative team at GCT