Important Announcement! [UPDATE]

UPDATE: After much deliberation, we have decided to only accept people who have previously performed with GCT to be in the chorus for this year’s musical. We saw a lot of wonderful new people that we wish could be a part of this production, but this is our last show after many years and we feel we should close it out with family. Thank you again to everybody who came out to audition.


For the first time at Gahanna Community Theatre, we are going to have to limit our chorus numbers for next year’s show. We had eighty-nine people audition for “Beauty and the Beast” and many returning chorus people sign up, some of whom have not been in one of our shows in several years. We currently have ninety-two names on our potential chorus list, including seventy-one women. Our previous policy has been to allow all former chorus members, and anyone new who auditioned, to be in the show, but after looking over the numbers, we feel we have no choice but to alter that policy. The high school stage is large, but it cannot accommodate over one hundred actors, including named characters. We will be discussing this issue over the next few days, looking to make the chorus a reasonable size in as fair a manner as possible. Please check back at this website, hopefully within the week, for the final chorus list.