Rehearsal Schedule for “Joseph”

Monday, January 23rd at GLHS

7 – 8:30 pm Music work with Kids (in Choir room)

7 – 8 pm Choreography for Potiphar (Joseph, Narrators, Potiphar, Patrice, Fred Donelson, Tom Gregory, Scott Schmidt, Theresa Mosher, Sydney Cannon, Siri Nilsen, Sara Coon, Sara Tuohy, Rachel Tuohy, Jay Miller, Aaron Barkley, Luke Lindsey, Alex Cebriak called)

8 – 10 pm Brothers and Wives called to work Poor, Poor Joseph, One More Angel in Heaven and Benjamin Calypso (Brothers’ choreography)


Tuesday, January 24th at GLHS

7 – 9 pm Sing Through with Adults and Kids on stage (Everyone called)

9 – 10 pm Music work, staging and choreography for Go, Go, Go Joseph with everyone except kids, then Who’s the Thief (Joseph, Narrators, Brothers, Wives, Amy Debevoise, Karie Gregory, Patrice Fahy, Paige Harding, Courtney Riegler called)


Wednesday, January 25th at GLHS

7 – 10 pm Joseph, Narrators, Brothers, Wives and Jacob called for continued staging and review of Act I and Act II numbers, then staging and choreography of Those Canaan Days


Thursday, January 26th at GLHS

7 – 8:30 pm Music work with Kids (in Choir room)

7 – 10 pm TBA staging


Monday, January 30th at GLHS

7 – 9 pm Stumble Through of entire show with Everyone, including Kids

9 – 10 pm Clean up of scenes and choreography review


Tuesday, January 31st at GLHS

7 – 8:30 pm Music work with Kids (in Choir room)

7 – 10 pm Everyone called to work TBA scenes and choreography


Wednesday, February 1st at GLHS

7 – 10 pm OFF-BOOK run through of show with just Principals (Joseph, Narrators, Jacob, Brothers, Wives called at 7 pm. Potiphar, Patrice called at 7:30 pm. Pharaoh called at 8 pm)


Thursday, February 2nd at GLHS

7 – 9 pm OFF-BOOK run through of show with Everyone, including Kids

9 -10 pm Clean up of scenes and choreography review


Cast List for “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”

Narrators – Lindsey Donelson and Jenny Weiner
Joseph – Ben Rosen
Pharaoh – Ryan Metzger
Jacob – David VerMeer
Potiphar – Thor Collard
Potiphar’s Wife – Patrice Fahy

Butler – Jace Nguyen
Baker – Chris Takacs

The Brothers and their Wives

Reuben (Lead on Those Canaan Days)- John Brunner
Simeon – Jay Miller
Levi (Lead on One More Angel) – Tim Cremean
Judah (Lead on Benjamin Calypso) – Monty Almoro
Dan – Brian McCafferty
Naphtali – Tim Adler
Gad – Chris Takacs
Asher – Xavier McCafferty
Issachar – Luke Lindsey
Zebulun – Jace Nguyen
Benjamin – Alex Cebriak
Reuben’s Wife – Holly McFarland
Simeon’s Wife – Jodi Weibel
Levi’s Wife – Jenna Zins
Judah’s Wife – Sydney Cannon
Dan’s Wife – Laura Dachenbach
Naphtali’s Wife – Michelle Ogden
Gad’s Wife – Jessica Gleim
Asher’s Wife – Sarah Coon
Issachar’s Wife – Siri Nilsen
Zebulun’s Wife – Sara Tuohy
Benjamin’s Wife – Rachel Tuohy


Everyone else who auditioned and were at call backs are invited to be part of the chorus. Thank you for your time and patience. We will have two preliminary music rehearsals before starting full rehearsals on January 3rd (There will also be an evening of table work with the leads on January 2nd).

These early rehearsals will be on both Saturday, December 3rd and Saturday, December 10th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. The location is Computer Helper at 440 Beecher Road (in the office complex across from Graeter’s).

Everyone is expected to be at both rehearsals for the entire time, unless they wrote down a conflict on their audition sheet or discussed it with us in advance.

Children’s Chorus

Below is the list of everyone who will be in the Children’s Chorus. The first rehearsals will be December 3rd and 10th at Mifflin Presbyterian Church on Granville Street in Gahanna. There will be an email later this week with more information. Thank you to everyone who auditioned!

Sofia Scheetz / Ryan Moncif / Grayson Cannon / Wesley Giles / Julia Crandall / Ben Morris / Natasia Steele / Asher Reed / Olivia Bills / Adrianna Berry / Danny O’Connor / Lucas Gleim / Grace Middleton / Adeline McCusker / Mia Wharton / Mariah Coleman / Aurora Albright / Lillian Hicks / David Cremean / Mykell James / Ethan Nivens / Alaina Biratsis / Anna Damratoski / Jessica Byers