David Weltner’s Passing

Greetings everyone! I bring sad new of the Passing of David Weltner. Many of you will remember David…some will not. I feel it only respectful to send this on to those who loved and knew David.

Dave was a major contributor to the foundation and well being of GAHANNA COMMUNITY THEATRE. He was with Scotty and me from the very beginning…designed many of our sets, and program covers, promoted advertising,…and the list goes on and on! He loved GCT with all he could hold in his heart.

Farewell and life celebration service will be Saturday, May 23rd ….1:00pm at Mifflin Presbyterian Church!

I’m sure I will see many of you there!

Blessings and love!


New Page!

To the cast and crew,

From now on, I will be updating the rehearsal schedule on it’s own page. You will see the link right next to the History tab. The home page will be kept free for patrons to get information and buy tickets and to let you know if there are any weather cancellations or delays.